Points of You Story

Facilitated by

Sezin Hason

Points of You® Master & Coach, USA

Sezin Hason

Day 2

About the Event

Some say if you want them to feel- even in some small way- what you’ve felt, tell them a story! Wanna hear how my Points of You@ journey started and changed my life 180º? 

Please bring with you to the session

A cup of coffee or a glass of wine

 The Coaching Game and let's share, listen, and as always, play :)

A little bit about me...

Music should be in you then you can make the whole world dance! Sezin is a Co-Active Coach®, Certified Points of You® Master Trainer/Facilitator, and Certified HeartMath® Trainer. She has led workshops and training around the world. Sezin is very passionate about working with people. Her workshops invite participants to feel empowered and inspired to step out of their comfort zone and live with renewed passion. Contact me here: Sezinhason@me.com
+1 (323) 854-0084