The Powerful Magic of Your Inner Child

Facilitated by

Ringo Gossler

Points of You®️ Expert, Entrepreneur & Coach, Germany

Ringo Gossler

Day 3

About the Event

We invite you to see the world through the eyes of children, as you take time to pause, play and discover the magic in everything. 

Don’t forget to bring with you some curiosity and playfulness, we promise a refreshingly different adventure.

Please bring with you to the workshop:

The Coaching Game

Paper and a pen
Some space around you

Please also download and print this file

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A little bit about me...

R - ich in experience as a father, leader, and trainer.
I – nterested in many things as a trainer, as a business and resilience coach and as Points of You® Expert and Master to be.
N – ice hobbies like dancing, shopping and traveling.
G - rounded, with fun at work, an open heart and full of love.
O - wn boss as a trainer, speaker and coach.