Points of You Story

Facilitated by

Mojca Kriznar

Points of You® Expert & Country Leader, Slovenia

Mojca Kriznar

Day 2

About the Event

The story that I wish to share with you is the STORY OF THE MUSIC IN ME, as my personal awakening of a childhood dream and as a METAPHOR FOR PASSION that lives inside every person, yet not everyone dares to ‘sing it’. Perhaps you will too after you hear my story.

A little bit about me...

Mojca from sLOVEnia, the only country in the world with LOVE captured in its name.
Her choices and decisions have been driven by CURIOSITY and PLAYFULNESS, as well as a desire for DEEP EXPERIENCE and discovery of the MEANING BEHIND. Merged with aptitude for the ‘human thing’, to no surprise, Mojca have dedicated her professional path to ®evolution of leadership and organisational culture. On guard for ever new and innovative approaches, came across Points of You® some years ago and took the role of POY Country Leader in 2019. If someone wishes to get to know me better, check-out my Blog - Leadership JAZZ or watch my TED x Speech on FALLING UP.