Inside Out Forces for Self Resilience

Facilitated by

Milda Latakaite

Points of You®️ Expert, Coach & Entrepreneur, Norway

Day 3

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This workshop is designed to connect you with your inner driving forces that will allow you to fly as high as possible. Listen to your inner compass, gain clarity and courage to bring your insides out into the world and be in tune with yourself towards your dreams. 

We promise small steps and insightful moments.

Please bring with you to the workshop:


The Coaching Game or Flow

A little bit about me...

Points of You®️ Expert, Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author. Milda believes and is continuously proven that we are all living in a world that is filled with unlimited potential, that each and everyone of us has extraordinary super powers. Therefore her life mission is to support everyone in need in a path of true self discovery.
Born in Lithuania, living in Norway, in love with the world itself and discovering it one step at a time each moment it is possible to do so.

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