Healing your Three Diamonds of Energy

Facilitated by

Mónica Pooley and Marek Wardęcki

Monica from Chile and Marek from Poland, are both Points of You® Masters

Mónica Pooley  and Marek Wardęcki

Day 1

About the Event

We invite you to uplift and rebalance your energy levels by joining us in this spiritual healing workshop. 

Monica and Marek will take us on a magical journey filled with sounds, feelings and being in the present by discovering and connecting to our own energy centers. Recharge. Reconnect. Be there.

Please bring with you to the workshop:

Flow (if you don't have Flow, the Coaching Game, you will need the physical tools) 

Erasable/ or normal pen 

Paper / Journal/ Post-it 

A little bit about me...

Monica: Points of You® Master & Country Leader, Coach, Bioresonance Therapist and Reiki Master. A believer that when any of us grow's, everyone of us grows as well. Moving and living between Peru and Chile, a happy mom of two sons, finding her connection with her roots. Marek: Points of You® Master, Coach, Facilitator, Sound Healer. He believe that anyone at any time can have a fulfilling life, accompanying people in their search for well-being. Living in Poland, the proud owner of two cats and 9 Tibetan bowls.