Daring to Show Up

Facilitated by

Gail Thornton

Points of You®️ Master,Country leader,
Life & Business Coach, Chile

Gail Thornton

Day 2

About the Event

After a year of social distancing, it is time to remove the dust of our social skills. 

We invite you to dare to show up! In this dynamic and fun workshop, you will get to know yourself better. 

Whether it's for a blind date, job interview, a new friend, neighbor, colleague, or business partner. 

Join and create your unforgettable first impression!

Please bring with you to the workshop:

The Coaching Game


Pen and paper

A little bit about me...

Points of You® Master and Country Leader for Chile, Perú, Ecuador and Bolivia. Manager at Kapto Consultores, Partner at Equestrian Center Los Alazanes, Founding Partner & Director of ACCOP (Professional Chilean Association of Onthological Coaching). Life and Business Coach, specialized on body and movement, Horse Coaching and Photo-Therapy. Entrepreneur